POWER SHIELD 6+6 T800 is an accessory for Arduino-type boards. One POWER SHIELD can control 6 loads of different types and voltages. Each power output can also be used as a simple DC mode or a dynamic output, i.e. with the PWM mode. By stacking two boards, you can get more power and more channels. Four integrated LED indicators shows performance of a board and error statuses. On board integrated FeedBacks are connected to the Arduino analog inputs (can show total outputs current status and overcurrent warning level too).

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1. Wide operating input voltage range 6.5...32V (32V is the absolute maximum).

2. Each output can control independent voltage sources in the range of 1...32V.

3. High output frequencies:

Without heat sinks: at full load 0…2kHz, fully covering Arduino board’s default PWM speed.

With additional heat sinks on transistors: 4…25kHz at full power. 25…100kHz with smaller currents.

4. Dozens of protections for beginners and professionals:

● FlashBack ® (FlyBack) protection ● Five-level overcurrent protection! ● Overtemperature protection

● Power input polarity protection ● Too low logic +5V supply warning & protection ● Logic input & analogue output ESD protection

● Logic circuit overvoltage protection (TVS & PPTC) ● Logic circuit overcurrent protection with 0.5A PPTC

5. Three FeedBack outputs to Arduino’s analogue (user selectable) inputs. Current measure expression 1V/10A.

6. Four coloured status LED indicators on the PCB.

7. Input/output logic levels are universal 5.0/3.3/2.5V and work with many boards.

8. Integrated high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter 0.5A to supply Arduino +5V pins and the module itself.

9. Pins compatible with most popular Arduino boards (including NANO, UNO, and MEGA).

10. High quality components and power connectors with spring-cage technology (instruction - how to connect terminals right).

11. Maximum continuous total output power up to 800W. Maximum output power when stacked up to 1.5kW.

12. Operating ambient temperature: -20…+50° degrees Celsius.


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"POWER SHIELD 6 + 6 T800"

for Arduino

Part number: B100005 (6+6 T800)


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Connect Shield T800 to Arduino, wire it to power supply and some loads (which you want to control):

Quality policy:

Used only high quality components

Fully tested

CE, FCC certified

Assembled using IPC standards


Our strengths:

1. Product allways in stock

2. Fully compatible with Arduino

3. No hardware changes during selling process


End users:

R&D departments

LED lighting companies and design faculties

Technical universities

Technical education platforms (Electronic & Robotics Schools),

Electronics & Programming enthusiasts - product developers,

Home users with basic electronic and Arduino programming knowledge,

Robotic companies

Others customers


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Chase Ss 
That's awesome. Thank you for the link to the Power Shield you have provided for me. I really appreciate that. I am very glad and grateful we have connected so thank you for that. It's an honor and pleasure


Francisco D. F.
University is indeed the field for rapid prototyping. Many people uses expensive platforms like dspace, opal rt, typhoon, speedgoat, etc. This product is a solution to speed up my projects.


Michael F. (engineer)
A bit of a weapon there mate!!
Well done
If we do any further work with Arduinos we'll look to get some boards from you


Meysam S.

Your products very good.


David F.

It allows Arduino boards the ability to handle "large" loads such as DC motors, solenoid valves, and the like. It makes those boards far more relevant to the industrial Controls, Edge computing, Building Automation, and related markets. This is very good product. Good job !


Kamel A.

It is a well-designed product. Definitely this will be useful to someone. People in automation industry will love it for sure.

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